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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kids, they be a-tiring-me-out

Entertaining a plethora of children=Early onset of Insanity

Yesterday I chaperoned my daughter's class to the Zoo. This was a fun but very tiring trip- it was just me and 4 kids, all on our own for 3 hours. 3 long hours! Try to rationalize with them why you cannot buy ice cream, when you just told them 5 minutes ago that there would be no buying of anything, even if there was money to be had! Then in 5 more minutes they want a rubber snake! And a dog license ID tag, even though they don't have a dog!

Somewhere in there we got a few minutes in of actually looking at animals. Snakes? "Gross". Monkeys? "Gross". Polar Bears? "Mommy, the polar bear is eating SANTA CLAUS!" said on the brink of tears.


Bless all you teachers out there, every one of you.


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