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Monday, January 16, 2006

Friday the 13th-itis

Friday the 13th was not a good day. Nor was Saturday, Sunday, or today.

Friday the minor problems included the much-sought-after parking meter eating all of my quarters.

Today it includes my husband's cell phone getting stolen and my washing machine breaking. And hence my bank account crying.

One of these days I will stop spending the money for getting a much-longed for new oven on appliances that keep breaking! My current oven is so old I'm sure it could be in a museum. Despite numerous attempts (and many cans of Easy Off) to clean the window to the oven, the grease is so caked on that you cannot see through the window (the oven was like that when we bought this house- no, we are not that dirty- I think we were the first people to EVER clean this oven!)

But yet, the sun is out, it is a beautiful day. Happy MLK day! 5 more days until Girl Scout Cookies go on sale, support your local Girl Scouts!


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