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Monday, February 13, 2006

A new week, a new start

I tried my hardest to relax this weekend. I did go see a great show, "School House Rock Live!" which I really enjoyed (I last saw it maybe a decade ago in Chicago). My daughter really loved it, so that was definitely the highlight of the weekend.

No news other than they released some details on the student pilot and instructor, mainly that they were from Sweden, and their Swedish flight training school has not released their identities. My hats go off to our friends in Sweden, my grandmother was Swedish.

Anyway, the NTSB has yet to release their report, perhaps tomorrow. The park remains closed, although I have not gone over there to see if they still have it physically roped off or if their website is behind. I figure it won't be open until after the NTSB has all the info they need for their report.

On saturday we saw a looky-loo circling around the park in his plane. I'd like to tell them it really made me and my husband upset. We were also deeply upset and saddened to hear the news yesterday that another small plane had crashed into a house in Sacramento, virtually destroying it.

Right now, we're both having nightmares and having trouble sleeping. I suppose it will take some time. Kona the dog misses the dog park tremendously, and a walk around the lake was filled with what I'm sure were displaced dog park users. My daughter fortunately does not understand the weight of the incident, and has been very sweet to me, making sure I am "feeling better".

In the meantime, in appreciation of the many gifts we have, enjoy these fine photos of being alive the day after.


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