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Friday, February 03, 2006

Baby, you can drive my car

Good news!

If you work or play in the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter, a new valet service is in town.

The Valet Girls have come to one of America's most conservative cities. They are famous (or infamous!) for valet parking while wearing bikinis. That's right, no pimply faced teenage boy in a red jacket for you.

Opening night they kept their team of 12 babes in matching pink sweatsuits.

For your convenience, their website says they also will work at your "Bar Mitzvah or Wedding".

I also found it interesting that one of the more conservative news networks have used this service for their private parties.

Check them out: Valet Girls


Blogger Kizz said...

It's all fine and whatever floats until you get to the Bar Mitzvahs. I mean, is this really the message you want to send at a boy's coming of age ceremony? "Now you're a man, here's some fodder for those wet dreams you've heard so much about."

1:35 PM


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