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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Budgeting, schmudgeting

Budgeting is never fun nor is it easy. It's easier to simply not do it.

Annoyingly, there are websites with tons of advice for budgeting. "Use OUR budgeting tool! Simplify your life! Save money! Find money you didn't know you had!"

They all promise grandiose dreams. Like saying, "Monthly Savings Goal". I'm assuming most Americans are like me. I don't have a savings goal. My first goal is paying all of the bills. When those are done, there's nothing left, and I'm lucky if the ink isn't red yet.

It's no wonder I'm obsessive about celebrities, and their abilities to plunk down cash on one item in a store that could pay off my entire mortgage. Or better yet, BOTH of my mortgages.

Why am I fretting today? It's tax time again people. Not April 15th taxes, mind you, but worse. Property tax season. In southern california.

It's enought to make me want to cry. Or scream. Or gallavant about laughing, because there's nothing you can do about it.

Mayhaps next year will be better. We won't have the supplemental tax next year. (OK, so that saves us not even a house payment).

Maybe we'll win the lottery. (Yep, that's a sound investment plan!)


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