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Friday, December 16, 2005

Tonight is opening night

Rachel begins her weekend-long engagement of the Nutcracker Ballet. The kids have all been working so hard, I am so proud of all of them! They began rehearsals back at the end of September.

Also, Rachel earned a big award at school today, so we've had a double dose of being proud of the little one.

I'm even getting started on my holiday cards... a whole week before Christmas and Hanukkah! I wish I had gotten a Chrismakah card so I wouldn't have to keep track of who gets what card. We celebrate both in our house, and I don't k now why that is so difficult for people to get. I think we'll start celebrating every holiday out there and really confuse the neighbors.


Blogger tugglespud said...

Happy Festivus!
I think y'all (Yes I'm in Virginia) should celebrate Festivus. Last night I performed with my improv group at "Dickens of a Xmas" and I kept racking my brain for Hanukah jokes but I just kept going for lame xmas ones...fruitcake and such.

5:47 AM


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