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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Insurance... is it working? And dog park etiquette.

My insurance company must read my blog. They corrected two of the problems I complained about in an earlier post. I'm so happy! They have my name right! They have the accounting right! It's a miracle!

I'm also happy because we're 6 school days away from a much-needed 2 week school break. Not for the kidlet, for me. Whew. I could use a rest! I'm sure before long my daughter and I will be sleeping in past our usual 7am routine, and staying up entirely too late watching movies. I can't wait!

A question for you about dog park etiquette- there was a dog at the dog park yesterday who kept picking on my cute little corgi (see below!). He kept jumping on his back and trying to bite his neck, occasionally he would actually bite (given the yelps my dog would make!). The owner said, "Oh, he's only 8 months old, he doesn't know the word No yet".

I thought this was ridiculous- my dog was trained early on to learn what "NO" meant, just like how you would raise a child. He is well-behaved and I would never let him act that way torwards another dog- if he ever did, I would correct him, and I will put him in "time-out" to separate him from his friends.

The owner never tried to correct her dog, saying they were just playing. I say this was beyond just playing and should not have been permitted. When I felt it had crossed the line, I pulled my dog over to me and tried to keep the other dog away. Eventually, distraction worked, and throwing balls back and forth kept the dogs competing in another way- who could get the ball first? And the biting and jumping stopped.

What do you think? What should I have done? Did I over-react? I had just never seen a dog act this way towards my dog, and I'd never seen my dog "play" that way. I got the feeling the dog was not trained at all, given how impressed the owner was by my dog's actions as a result of my commands. Not that my dog is all amazingly trained, but the basics are definitely there.

Let me know your comments please. Thank you!


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