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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The School Project

My daughter had her first school project due today. She chose to do an art project about a farm, the rule being we could only use things we already had at home.

The play-doh worked out ok, but shrunk and cracked as it dried (I'd never purposely dried play-doh before!). She worked very hard on it, but got bored when she realized she would have to do most of the work herself. The wagon wheel on the upper part is made of perler beads, which I ironed for her.

Nonetheless, I think she did a great job! Put it in perspective, this is 2nd grade.

It was fun today looking at everyone's different projects. Everyone interpreted the assignment differently. Some people did collages, some dioramas.

It has reminded me of how much I loved oral presentations in elementary school. I remember the fun things I would make to go along with my presentation, once I made a filmstrip, a book (my grandmother sewed it together for me, and even put a library check out card on the inner cover), and I loved making dioramas. I especially enjoy being able to share a few of these things now with my daughter, and it's fun to read what I wrote when I was her age.

I know as the years go by the projects will change and become harder, but I so enjoyed watching her make this one, her first!


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