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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Yes, that really seems to hold true for my family. I know I've written about it here before, but we just like to prove it every once in a while. This time, it was a trip to Disneyland that got scrapped, due to the child vomiting in that projectile-manner that children just love to do! Before that, we got a few days of r&r on top of the mountain, where I did my best attempt to break my leg on the trail (but, fortunately, just the pain of a sprain, which has faded into a dull discomfort).

So, it's always exciting with our family.

It's back home, back to work, and back to school- my little one is a third grader as of Monday! How did that happen so quickly? I really can't believe it.

If you're wondering how come she is starting school so early, well, it's because we're on a modified year-round calendar. We'll have a nice break in the Fall, when everyone else is still in classes. Personally, I love that, as I always need a break from driving around everywhere. This school year looks to be busier than ever!

Quick, enjoy the last days of summer... Hope you guys like the re-design. Next time I need to hire someone to do a re-design for me.


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