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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Idol Mania

In case you haven't heard, the Season 5 Top 10 American Idol's have begun their nationwide tour. They aren't coming to my town until the end of August, but I've got my tickets, baby!

My cousin also became an Idol fan. She called me two nights ago and asked me to buy some souvenirs for her at the concert, because tickets sold out where she lived. We had spoken before about her disappointment, and even after they added a 2nd show, she was still unable to get a ticket.

She called me last night, laughing- her paper had run an article about the concert in Hershey, PA last night, complete with a phone number for tickets. She said she was so MAD, why, oh WHY would they taunt her like that, knowing they were sold out of tickets?

She was so mad, in fact, that she called the number to complain, only to find out there were some AWESOME seats available! After doling out a small fortune, she procured 3 tickets to last night's show, with only a few hours notice.

She and her husband and her grandson made the trek out to Hershey and had seats eye level with the stage, on the very corner of the stage by the stairs the artists use to get up to the stage! Talk about awesome seats. She said Taylor Hicks was so close she could reach out and touch him, practically.

She was disappointed Katherine McPhee had still not re-joined the tour (no idea when she is expected to return), but that they did show photos of her.

As you may also know, the band Live is from York, PA near Hershey, and apparently they were in attendance (they were there to see Chris perform). Chris gave them a big shout-out.

She said the show was really fun, but she was unable to get through the lines to buy souvenirs. I told her we'll look on-line when the tour is over, as I expect those same long lines at the show here.

Anyway, it was just so cute to hear her so excited about the show, giving me a sneak peek. I'll call her after my show, but it seems so far away right now. I wish my cousins didn't live so far away (or rather, that I didn't live so far away!) as I wish my daughter could see them more often (and me, too).

For those of you with tickets to an AI show near you, enjoy the show, and let me know how it went! Still a Taylor fan here...


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