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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Annual Cleaning of the Room

Yes, it is true. I finally snapped. I had it with all the clutter in my daughter's bedroom. Saturday night I dragged buckets of toys out into the hallway, with the instructions that they were not to be returned to her room until her room had been cleaned, and all of the toys sorted.

In the end, I threw out three large trashbags of trash, and filled three cardboard boxes of toys that were worthy of donating. I can finally see the floor of her room, and there is finally enough space to add a *gasp!* chair to her desk. I also cleaned out her books, pulling out any books that were way below her age level (and boy, was I shocked to see how many we had!) She still has 2 full bookshelves of age-appropriate books- both picture books and chapter books.

Now taking bets on how long this lasts...

The floor! Can you see it?? And look how neatly her books are organized!

I still have not found a good way to store this beautiful American Girl doll bed.

The toys! They fit... IN THE CLOSET!!! You would be amazed, if you only knew, how many Barbies and Polly Pockets and Build a Bear Workshop and Littlest Pet Shop can fit in there.

Yes, I know, she has a lot of stuff. But now? NOW it is in the closet!!!

Floor, beautiful floor.

Look, I can see the floor!!! Now, just maybe, I can walk in to kiss her goodnight without breaking a toe on a barbie.


Blogger Buffy said...

I'm getting ready to throw out half my house.

Tired of the clutter.

10:38 PM


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