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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rachel's List

My child and I went to Hallmark yesterday. She was enthralled and wanted to buy everything in the store (Hallmark has a new lifetime loyal customer, I'm telling ya). She even managed to get M&M's out of the deal, which apparently are now being cross-marketed by Pirates of the Caribbean (I heard pirate jokes all the way home in the car).

We came home and she immediately set up shop. She created her own "card business", and left little notes taped all over the house for us to find. Hence, she named her business, "The Sneaky Card Shop".

This is one of the notes I found for me ("Mom, notice anything different about your blue candle? Huh? Huh?"), a To-Do-List for Mom.


Blogger Pink Lemonade Diva said...

adorable list and I can definitely relate to a kid who loves Hallmark. 1st time reader, had to stop by b/c I too think Margaret deserves as much thanks as Judy Blume. :)

9:44 AM


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