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Monday, June 12, 2006


Our puppy, Kiki, was spayed last week. The above photo is pre-spay.

She came home that night and was so tired, she would stand in one place for 15 minutes at a time without moving any part of her body. I got no sleep that night from staying up with her making sure she was allright.

The next day she woke up as if nothing was wrong. Seriously. I couldn't believe it. The vet called, and she couldn't believe it either- honestly, this dog was not acting like she had major surgery the day before, nor was she acting like she had stitches in her stomach! She jumps around, rolls around- and I've had a C-section, I can't imagine doing that the day after surgery.

The doctor emphasized that I was to keep her subdued as much as possible. We've been having to crate her again to keep her calmed down.

We came home friday night and she had her doggie head cone thing down around her waist. The dog has so trashed this poor dog collar that my husband had to put DUCT TAPE on it to hold it together.

And we have one more week of this until her stitches can come out. Keep your fingers crossed for us that the stitches will heal nicely so this torture device can come off her :-)


Blogger tugglespud said...

I know after I've had my belly opened up surgically I want to wear a plastic lampshade and chew things up...heck I bet it looks great as a skirt! Oy, corgis! So cute, and so freaky...I love the picture trail photos!

12:25 PM


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