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Friday, June 02, 2006


Wow, I guess Summer *does* own a calendar. My thermometer read 90 degrees today, and I see much of the desert areas are in the triple digits. My new best friends are my air conditioner and the pool.

We're busily wrapping up the last few weeks of school (then I'll be Momma of a THIRD grader) and making plans for the summer. We have 5 weeks of camp and 4 weeks of nuthin. A good balance, only achieved when I realized how frickin' expensive summer camps are.

The San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon is upon us once again. For those of who neither run it nor watch it, we plan our day around not being anywhere remotely in the vicinity.

However, if you ARE running in it or are going to brave the crowds and the heat to watch it, click here to get all of the details. It's quite an amazing thing, really- a 26.2 mile run with live bands lined up along the route. Really, it's genius. Besides, you get to see some of the best views of San Diego and that's a bonus for a visitor to our lovely hamlet. I have many friends who have run it and say it is their favorite marathon every year.

Still- I'm in the crowd of locals that just can't get used to living where people want to vacation. When I used to live on the coast, one year I had forgotten about the marathon. I tried to leave and every road out was blocked off! I eventually turned around and went home to sulk. My daughter even commented, "Mommy, why are all those people running?" After that I never tried to venture out of my coast town until about 2 or 3pm when the day's festivities were over.

I did find it interesting that San Diego has stated the traffic is likened to having the Super Bowl in town, if that helps put it in perspective.

My point, and I swear I have one, is that tomorrow is not only my kittie cat's 3rd birthday, it's my parent's 39th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to Mom and Pop! So glad we'll get to celebrate it together.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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