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Monday, June 19, 2006

The Benadryl Hangover

I woke up yesterday with one heck of a migraine headache.

I get these occasionally, usually because I am on my computer most of my life. My eye doctor once told me his prescription for my migraines was that I should spend more time outdoors in the sunlight.

So I took a book outside and read outside.

I don't think that is what he meant.

Anyway, yesterday I tried the Mega-Tylenol and chug some caffeine route. A few hours later it became clear to me this was a SINUS headache, the migraine headache of doom! Doom!

I ventured into my medicine cabinet, which was so empty I could hear the sound of crickets. I did find some Benadryl (no other cold medicine) and I read the directions (yes I did!) and decided it should relieve some of the pressure on my head.

Which it did do.

But then I fell asleep. For FOUR hours.

And I woke up still tired, but made myself stay up until midnight. I set the alarm for 8 am, and woke up just fine.

I woke up, though, with a wee bit of a hangover, a Benadryl Hangover, complete with no more sinus pain but the unfortunate side effect of being still tired. My typing today is even off.

Which brings me to my next point. I am reading a book I am enjoying so thoroughly I will share it with you. You may be familiar with Augusten Burroughs from his book "Running With Scissors", which is coming out later this year as a film. His latest book is called "Possible Side Effects" and it is laugh out loud funny. I have read all of his books and this is my favorite 2nd only to "Running With Scissors", which I want to read again before the movie is released.

Wishing you all Benadryl dreams...


Blogger Buffy said...

I'm a firm believer that Benadryl will cure what ails you.

But as a migraine sufferer myself....I need a little something stronger.

2:12 PM


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