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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Petco Park

On Tuesday night, my husband and I went to see the San Diego Padres vs. the Oakland A's at Petco Park. I still call it "the new park" even though I realized they are in their third season playing at that park!

Anyway, I brought my camera, which I know made me look like a tourist, but so what. I took on looking EXTRA-nerdy, just for you, my dear readers.

Here's the run down:

First inning, Padres get the bases loaded, but it ends with 3 men out and 1 run.

That was seriously the most exciting inning. The new Padres pitcher, Chris Young, is 6 feet 10 inches tall (yes, really!) and the A's seemed to be having a REALLY difficult time. Pop-up after pop-up.

The game ended with the Padres winning 3-0, and one of those runs was on a balk.

The best part of any ball game is, of course, the people. I was sitting next to a couple who have been season ticket holders for 20 years. They believed the entire section should be sold to season ticket holders only as they were offended anyone in the section could possibly be rooting for the other team.

Behind us were the "first date" couple, with the really loud, annoying girl ("I was like, you know, like, WHATEVER!"). Last year we had those same seats, and also got a first date couple behind us, who talked through EVERY SECOND of the game, letting everyone around them hear their intimate conversation.

Next to my husband was a woman who must have been 95, decked out in full Padres gear, who would scream as loud as she could, "Go! Charge!", only a small fly could scream louder than she could. I couldn't even hear her cries of, "Go! Padres!" until my husband left his seat to go get food. With every pop-up she would hold out her hands to catch the ball, only I prayed it wouldn't come near as a baseball would break her tiny, fragile hands.

So next time you go to the ballpark, and you see a dork with a camera- be careful, they could be blogging you :-)

Enjoy my photos of Petco Park- beyond the outfield is the "park at the park", and you can also see the small beach area for the kiddies to play. It was HOT, record breaking hot on Tuesday, which I think kept the crowds down. The Padres also beat the A's again last night.

The Western Metal building in Left Field.

The view from our (awesome!) seats.

The Park at the Park (beyond the outfield) and the beach area, right hand side of the outfield fence.

A decent sized crowd for a Tuesday night.


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