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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer="I'm Bored"

My daughter has been on summer vacation since last Friday at 3pm.

Which means, she's barely been on vacation for a week.

"Mommmmy, I'm boooooo-oRED!" complete with pouty face and stomping feet. Oy.

Since school has ended, she has gone to Balboa Park, gone to see "Cars", to a birthday party, swimming playdates, trip to the playground, trip to the COUNTY FAIR, and by goodness, was she ever bored today. Or I should say, "Is bored today", because she is sitting on the floor of my office playing disney video games on the laptop while I work.

She wanted me to call all of her friends and see if ANYONE would please, please, please come play today. This after going to the fair all day yesterday! Two of her closest friends are leaving on vacation (how dare they!) and won't be availble for playdates for (gasp!) over a week.

Thank goodness camp begins Monday, or I might start pulling my hair out.


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