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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Musings of the Fourth

I decided that since we didn't have anything we absolutely *had* to get done on July 4th, I would do my best to do as little as possible. I succeeded! My daughter didn't wake me up until 9:45 (yes!), and then after turning on the electronic babysitter ("Madagascar"), I was able to climb back in bed until almost 11:45. As my daughter would say, it was "Fantastical!"

My daughter is taking piano lessons. She recently "graduated" out of the primer level into level one. This book includes a "teacher's duet" at the bottom of the page- so I am glad to say my near 12 years of lessons paid off in the best duet of all time- a mother/daughter duet that was just one of those moments that make parenting the best job in the whole wide world. I also noticed she is able to very, very quickly memorize songs, a skill I never really had or developed.

In honor of the Nathan's hot dog eating competition yesterday at Coney Island, we ate Nathan's hot dogs yesterday. My daughter flat out refused a hot dog (wha??)- but she eventually confessed it was because the hot dog at the party spilled ketchup and mustard on her swimsuit, and she is now forever afraid that hot dogs will up and spill ketchup and mustard on her.

I did venture out of the house ONCE yesterday. I went to the gas station to fill up for the week (daughter is at camp, I'm going through a VERY EXPENSIVE tank of gas each week). Instantly saw weird lady standing next to me and smiling. Weird lady says, "Excuse me, do you have a light?", which you know, I don't because I don't smoke. Instead, I'm thinking, we're at a gas station, idiot, don't smoke here. So I said, "No, I won't give you a light at a gas station, you can't smoke here."

She smiled and said, "Thank you", but continued to stand there staring at me. Of course, the pump wouldn't print my receipt, so I locked my car and went inside. By the time I came outside, the woman found a bigger idiot who DID hand her his lighter, and she lit up, right there next to the gas pump.

I wasn't eager to see that kind of fireworks, so I was glad to be leaving.

I did manage to work out on the treadmill yesterday. You know, feeling guilty for not leaving the house and for eating too many hot dogs this weekend. My daughter decided she wanted to try, so I let her try the treadmill at the lowest setting. She thought it was pretty neat but said it felt "weird". About 5 hours later she says, "I feel like I'm still on the treadmill."

While we were inside all day, my daughter never left the house the entire day. She thought this was very cool. I didn't even make her get dressed until lunchtime! Today I was fun mom! She played with her new barbies she got with her allowance/tooth fairy money (yes, she lost 2 teeth last week!) and she played on her leap pad computer for quite a long time. Today, it is back to camp, and back to work for me and hubby. Hubby also said he thought his 4 day weekend went by much too fast. But really, think about it- it's July 5th now, this year seems to be going awfully fast. The summer seems to be going fast, too- could it be because we are so blasted busy??

We watched, "A Capitol Fourth", together on PBS last night. Other than being sugary sweet, my daughter most enjoyed the appearance by Elmo, in which she was simply in awe that he could ride a tricycle with no help at all. It stumped her.

When the fireworks started (which, by the way, were lame and the New York firework show was much more impressive), we could hear the fireworks from our own town outside from all sorts of places but couldn't see any. She kept asking me how fireworks, well, work, and I didn't really know. She also wanted to know where the fireworks went when the lights stopped. I told her about ash, and she seemed satisfied.

A few minutes later, she said, "Momma, I see the ass."


"Honey, it's ASH."

*Photo courtesy of Weniki's Daddy-O-Matic


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