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Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy 2006! It got here awfully quickly, didn't it.

The rains have come, so winter has finally arrived.

I am feeling so thankful today for my family and for my friends, for my pets, for my job. This year I moved into a wonderful new home, while it's a little small I adore it here. I had a big year, moving, changing jobs, my daughter had to change schools, I got a puppy, and I got married.

I wish I could say I've made some resolutions of things to change for the new year. I just want to be healthier and, oh yeah, finish that pesky thesis. Otherwise, I am grateful for all the gifts that are given to me day after day.

Enough sappiness. How did you celebrate New Year's Eve? In the rain, I felt like staying home, cooking, and watching a movie. And that's exactly what we did.


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