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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

4 days until Christmas and 85 degrees

Yes, you read that correctly- we set a record high for the United States yesterday at 85 degrees. What the heck is that? No global warming, huh.

So despite the record heat, I do indeed have Bronchitis. Yay, antibiotics!

Conversation with the little one today, over what to wear to see Santa:

Her: "What about the green dress with the white, and it's velcro."


Me: "Do you mean velvet?"

Her: "Oh yes, I mean velvet green dress."


Blogger tugglespud said...

wendeeeee how can you be sick again??? and why not let the girl wear a damn velcro dress if she wants? :P hee hee. that's pretty funny. I have a friend who has a phobia about velvet and velour - it makes him physically sick to touch it. Not so good that he's in the theatre with all the velvet curtains and such...ack. Feel better!

8:35 AM


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