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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Then and now

Playing dress up
Playing Barbies
Playing Snooper Troopers- on the nice color monitor!
Watching Friday Night Videos
Playing at the playground across the street
Eating Beef Jerky and Po Boys from Butera's
School carnivals- smashing confetti eggs
Indian Princesses with Dad
Girl Scouts with Mom
Playing with the kittens
Roommates at Camp- more than once
Talking about boys
Taking road trips to see boys
Getting grounded because we went to see boys

Men (oy!)
Bills (double oy)
Take airplane flights to see each other
Play Barbies with someone much younger than us
Troop Leader with the kids
Play video games that make the 80s blush
Work some more
Get older, and worry some more
Watch things change, and feel helpless

Photo Copyright San Diego Wedding Candids 2005


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