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Friday, February 24, 2006


Were you surprised by O'Donohue and Hall's departures on AI last night?

Were you surprised when Sasha Cohen and Irina Slutskaya BOTH fell on the ice, giving up their chances for a gold medal?

Despite Cohen's falls (yes, plural! twice!), I was really impressed with how she came back with gusto. She did not give up, and after that 2nd fall, she gave quite an amazing show. That made me feel really good to see. And I also thought Slutskaya was disappointing in how she handled winning the Bronze. It was almost a display in unsportsmanlike conduct, when there were plenty of other athletes that would've been thrilled with the Bronze.

As for Shizuka Arakawa, well, she's so far Japan's only medal of the games. I thought while her athletic skills were kept very conservative (she definitely played it safe! a bet that paid off for her), she was a beautiful skater and her happiness as she skated with the Japanese flag and her medal, well, that was just worth seeing.

I did manage to catch the last half hour of Survivor- darn it, my husband has finally gotten me hooked on this show, too- and was not surprised to find Ruth Marie going home. Who are your favorites this time around?

I hope you and yours have a fantastic weekend!


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