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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Things I am loving this week

Dan Brown, author
I am a total fanatic right now, having finished 3 of his 4 books in recent weeks. I just finished "Digital Fortress" and loved it. If you've read "The Da Vinci Code", you might be a fan, too! Check out his fun website at

The Olympics
Well, this has plenty of feel-good moments, doesn't it? I enjoyed watching Kimmie Meissner skate on Tuesday night- she went in hearing all of these comments about how there was no way she could win, and she skated like she was having so much fun. She made 5th place, which is incredible even if she doesn't medal tonight. I love hearing all those stories.

American Idol
I admit it. Who's your favorite AI this year? Results show tonight- I'll be flipping channels between here and the Olympics.

Toys R Us
I always love a good sale!

Grey's Anatomy
Yes, I am also hooked on this show. Hey, I read as much as I watch TV at least! :-)

Which leads me to....

Joshua Radin
At least Zach Braff's blog finally tuned me in to the great musician featured on hit shows like "Scrubs" and "Grey's Anatomy". You can download his entire freshman album on iTunes. The album is called "We Were Here".

Girl Scout Cookies
These yummy, once-a-year treats are almost here. If you ordered from a local troop, your cookies are arriving early next week. If you buy in front of your grocery store, expect to see the girls out and about beginning the first weekend in March! Yummy, thin mints!!!


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