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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sick House

Somehow, within mere hours of uttering the phrase, "I haven't caught a cold yet this year!" I came down with, you guessed it, my first cold of the season.

I've now passed it on to my little one, who got to try a cough drop as her first ever piece of hard candy (have I now scarred her for life, thinking all hard candy tastes like mentholyptus?)

Despite being sick, I'm still working out every day, just not as hard as I was last week. I'm still doing my hour to hour and a half, but I'm not pushing msyelf so hard that I pass out. I don't have a fever, so as long as that is true, I'll keep exercising. I imagine while I'm cycling that I'm pushing all the toxins out of my body, that every drop of sweat is a bead of cold virus.

I know, don't you totally want to go to my gym and use the machines after me? :-) I noticed the gym is out of hand sanitizer, everyone is so afraid of catching germs.

Last week I burned over 3,100 calories during my workouts at the gym (my handy dandy heart rate monitor tracks it for me!) I know I am taking it easier this week because today I burned only 470 calories instead of my usual 570 calories in the same amount of time.

Thank you all for your good wishes!!! So far, so good.


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