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Monday, February 27, 2006

Here comes the rain

Finally, southern california seems to be getting some much needed rain!

Things I'm loving this week:

Unwrapped on the Food Network. If you haven't checked out this show before, it's a must-see. My family enjoys watching the history of different foods and how the foods are made. It's pretty cool. Tonight's episode was about Brunch. I always love seeing people with titles like, "Eggs Benedict Expert". Imagine your business card.

Girl Scout Cookies are here! But umm, I seem to have, umm, over-ordered Thin Mints for myself. In case I am stuck at home for an ungodly amount of time, I can always survive on Thin Mints.

Sirius Satellite Radio Now, I know nothing about XM radio, but I have had Sirius for 2 months and am hooked. I chose Sirius because it had Radio Disney (yes, people, the child must be entertained in the car, and I won't put in a DVD system- the TV must be off sometimes!), but I find Sirius has plenty to keep me entertained. With 65 channels of commercial-free music, plus NFL, NBA, NHL, Martha Stewart, Howard Stern (have no opinion on his radio show- haven't listened to it, not that I don't like him- I just have never had the opportunity), news, traffic, weather, and even comedy- this radio package has it all. I can listen in my car or in my home or in my office. What I think is wicked cool is to be able to drive across the country listening to the same radio station all the way. Not that I would do that, but the fact you COULD is pretty awesome.

Next time you're on a cruise, you could be helping to advance the science of oceanography.

Things I am *not* loving this week:

Dan Brown accused of plagiarism: was the premise of the Da Vinci Code lifted from another book? PLEASE don't let this turn into another James Frey fiasco... Story here

Creative math on the part of Enron. New York Times article (registration required)

I should've put this first... our broken washing machine has now joined forces with the myriad of home improvement projects we have on our list, but because it has broken it has butted its way to the front of the line. As a result of my unwillingness to really admit it is broken, I have a huge pile of laundry waiting to be done.


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