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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hey, it's Monday.

The folks were in town this weekend (Hi Folks!) where my daughter was appropriately spoiled. She was running around school today showing everyone her new wares, saying, "Look, I got spoiled!"

We did go to the San Diego State baseball game this saturday. That was really fun, a nice little stadium, a good game- and they won 13-3! While I've been going to grad school there for a while, I've never been to a sporting event there before. My undergraduate program back east I don't think even had a baseball team, and we were division IIIIIII in football (or something like that- very low on the totem pole! Notre Dame we are not). I do remember the give-aways they had back in the early 90's to try to encourage people to come to the football games. We were such a geeky school, they once gave out 3.5" computer disks (remember those?) and got a good crowd as a result.

My undergraduate school stands in such stark contrast with my graduate school. I look at all the young students at SDSU and they seem to have such different priorities than when I was in school. I can also say this because I got to know many of them when I was teaching there, and I can say without a doubt there is a huge cultural gap between the west coast and the east coast in terms of schools.

And yes, for those who wonder if it is true- we did wear kilts. I'll leave it up to you to decide what we wore underneath said kilts! There's nothing worse than a wet kiltie. Trust me.


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