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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Update at last!

Yes, I know, I haven't been updating as often as I usually do. It's another thesis week and I haven't been getting a lot of sleep. I am way too old for that, I can't take missing out on my sleep. It doesn't agree with me.

I wanted to mention here that I finally returned to the dog park over the weekend. It was my first time back since the plane crash. I kept expecting to feel upset while I was there, but I did OK. I did not walk over to where the majority of the plane was, nor did I park in the parking lot where the plane wing landed next to my car (I didn't want to see any physical marks). I also did not go to the section of the dog park where I was on the day of the accident. I just wanted to get my body used to being there to see if I had any reaction. I stayed an hour and a half and it went well, Kona had a good time playing with a little doxie named Kelly.

I still have the occasional nightmare, and I have no plans to go flying any time soon.

In tech news today, Steve Jobs announced the new Intel-based Mac Mini - Mini it is, at 6.5 inches square, 2 inches tall, and priced beginning at just $599. Yet another reason why I can't allow myself to walk into the Apple store.

I need coffee... lots of coffee...


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