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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Family etiquette

My ex-husband got re-married over the weekend, which is why my daughter was out of town. My daughter and I had a fabulous reunion yesterday, it was so good to see her after a whole week away!

But, it brought up this question- do I get the happy couple a gift, and if so, what? Please understand this is what should be described as the "good divorce" and the 4 of us (ex, his new wife, my new husband, and myself) all work very hard to make sure the daughter is put first. We all get along, and I am grateful that new wife is so good to my daughter. We say she is so lucky to have 4 parents who love her very much.

I spoke with many people about the gift thing, to get their opinion. I heard, "Did they get you anything?" along with "You don't need to get them a gift. Maybe a card." but all I knew was that the etiquette police told me that since I was happy for the newly marrieds, I should get them something.

Yes, I grew up in Texas, and southern women, well, we're a breed of our own. I believe in hand writing thank you notes (although if I am late with the thank you note I feel terrible!), and I am one of the few that still hand address my christmas/hanukkah cards every December (although I am sure the post office wishes I would either improve my handwriting or use a printer!)

I finally opted for a card and some cold, hard cash, as I know it was so greatly appreciated at my wedding- HUGELY appreciated, you have no idea.

If you have a "blended family" like ours, I'd love to hear from you. We've done a good job so far at sharing holidays, splitting weekends, school days, celebrations. My daughter is one happy kid.

Rachel, age 6.

Photo copyright Kat Miner Photography


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