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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

When did 7 mean "I don't need my mom"?

So today I dropped my daughter off, and because she is going on vacation with her Dad, I walked her in to the classroom where I usually just drop her off and let her go in by herself.

She was horrified at this change of events, and even when I told her I really wanted to go in to give a proper goodbye since I won't see her for a week, she balked.

When she saw another student, she immediately began walking 3 feet in front of me, as if she didn't even know me. I was laughing but my feelings were also hurt- I mean, I expected this of a teenager, but since when did 7 become a pre-teenager??? She gave me a curt goodbye, making it clear I was, like, TOTALLY embarassing her.

So back to my trip. It was so beautiful and relaxing. We rented a cabin with my folks, and we had about foot of snow still on the ground in some places, and we even got to see some snowfall on saturday. I was disappointed we couldn't go hiking (you needed some very good snow gear to do that), but we did get to go play in the snow for a while. We also spent a great deal of time walking around the downtown area and browsing the shops (and, er, shopping).

We had some fantastic meals. I suggest reservations everywhere they are accepted.

The best:

Restaurant Gastrognome was by far our fanciest and most expensive meal of the trip. I will eat there every single time I go up in the mountains, it is always delicious! I had the smoked salmon pasta, and the portion size was enough to take home and eat a second meal. Everyone in our party had a fantastic meal, and most of us also shared in delicious desserts.

Cafe Aroma was the most unique dining experience, and was so delightful and unexpected! If you love garlic, this place is a must. I even had garlic bisque for my appetizer, and they served garlic and olive oil with their bread. We had live music to go with our meal, pretty artwork to look at, the bathroom was my favorite I've ever visited- why on earth would I say that? It's called the "Restrumi" and the place is is covered in poetry to keep you busy in there for hours. Plus, the sign next to the toilet stating, "Please seat yourself" was a gem that had us all laughing (no, we didn't ALL go in to the bathroom together). I will definitely put this on my list for next time.

Earth N Fire Yes, I know this is not a restaurant. I'm just trying to let you know that if you are visiting, this is a MUST on your activity list. Eddie, better known as "The Pottery Dude" is so friendly and gives you great tips at creating works of art, even if you are not an artist (I'm a case in point). His staff of artists will help you put the fine touches on your art work as well. Below are some photos of our creations:

Yes, folks, I painted that! The glazing and firing really makes it beautiful. I got really tired by the time I got to the letters in "Tortillas", so next time I will remember to either take a break in the middle or to make sure I eat breakfast before I go.

All in all, a really fantastic trip. Mom even says she wants to make it an annual trip! Sign me up.


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