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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Congrats, Guy!

Congratulations to Guy Fieri for winning "The Next Food Network Star" this evening!

Runner-up Reggie Southerland was also a fantastic contestant, I thoroughly enjoyed watching both of them and I would watch either of them on TV. In the end, though, America voted for Guy. Reggie, America did love you, too, and I'll speak for everyone when I say that I would love to see a cookbook from you!

Guy's recipes are certainly different, though, and as someone who loves hot and spicy (come on, one of his restaurants is called Tex Wasabi's, could that be any more of the perfect fusion for this Texas gal who loves sushi?) I look forward to trying out his recipes. Hopefully he will add a little bit of spark and some real spice to the Food Network. I see they have a lot of new shows coming out this summer, I can't wait! My recipe repertoire needs to be kicked up a notch, as someone we know would say.

Carissa, if you're reading, I am also interested to see what you do in the culinary world in San Diego- we need you here, so let us know what you're up to! Your food was yummy, too, and you'll definitely grab an audience down here.

Guy will be on the CBS Early Show in the morning, although I can't say I'll be awake that early to watch it :-)


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