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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter bunnies (*SPOILER ALERT* Not Safe for Children)

We had a very nice Easter weekend, just the three of us. I was up early on Sunday (well, early for me) and began cooking by 9am, and we ate at 12:15! It was an Easter miracle! I don't ever recall eating a holiday meal that early, but then again it was only dinner for 3 and I didn't over-indulge the meal. We had ham, gravy and mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, white wine, and sugar cookies for dessert. After resting up and getting some dishes done, the easter bunny left some eggs in the backyard and the sun came out so Rachel could go egg hunting.

On saturday at the mall we passed the Easter Bunny in the portrait studio. Rachel said very loudly, "It's just a guy in a Bunny costume!" to which I scolded her to be quiet so she wouldn't ruin it for the other children. Yet there was this part of her which really, really wanted to believe. She said, "He's not the real Easter Bunny. The real Easter Bunny is a real rabbit."

So we talked about it, as we got through Christmas without any of these comments. I told her the Easter Bunny was whatever she wanted to believe he was, and you could see how desperately she wanted him to come to her house that night.

I don't think she was disappointed the next morning!

I insisted on all of the traditions we had in my house growing up. We did dye easter eggs, even though most years I now make a Happy Passover egg too (dye it blue with a white star of david). Rachel even wanted to watch some of the "Ten Commandments", which I didn't have time to watch.


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