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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Family genes- can they be absorbed?

People have commented that my sushi-making post made them crave sushi (ok, one person. Thanks, Dad!) and then I started craving sushi, too.

Kiddo is on spring break, so today she asked if we could have sushi for lunch. I, of course, could not say no. How cute is it to see a 7-year-old eat sushi? She's gotten much better, will even eat the raw fish, but still won't let the nori (seaweed) cross her lips.

Hubby came along, and for the first time ever, someone commented (loudly! exclamation point!), "Oh my Goodness! She looks just like you! Just like you!" referring to how much Rachel looks like Shawn. This was so funny to us for two reasons: Shawn is not her biological father but rather her stepfather, and Rachel actually DOES look like Shawn!

We were laughing so hard, her next comment was, "Do you get that a lot?" to which Shawn just smiled and said, "Yes".


Blogger jennster said...

i think my son looks like my fiance (not his dad) but it's just the hair and eye color mostly.. still, that's fun! lol

2:46 PM


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