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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Joke from a 7-year-old

"Mommy, what do you say when you want a drink?"

"Ummm., I'm thirsty?"

"No! How about a shake? Get it? I'm shaking!"

Ooooh kay.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ice Skating on the Beach at the Hotel Del Posted by Picasa

Sea World- Shamu Posted by Picasa

Almost 2006

Hi all,

It's been a busy few days here. Christmas was fantastic, Santa was very good to all of us. And since we are a multi-religious household, Hanukkah has also been going very nicely for all of us, too! It is the 4th night of Hanukkah, and I am looking in my daughter's room wondering just how many more toys can it hold.

It has been unseasonably warm, still. We enjoyed a day at Sea World San Diego, and a day at Coronado Island. I've been cooking a lot with the chef-in-training, too.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Chronic(what?)- cles of Narnia

Watch the laugh-out-loud funny clip here:

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Antibiotics, schmantibiotics

I supposed I am somewhat better today than I was yesterday. But I am not thinking clearly, that is for sure. Like, I would definitely fail the SATs or a test for admission to MENSA today.

I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a very happy holidays, whatever holidays you are, or are not, celebrating.

I will write more when I can lift my head up longer than 5 minutes to write a post! :-)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

4 days until Christmas and 85 degrees

Yes, you read that correctly- we set a record high for the United States yesterday at 85 degrees. What the heck is that? No global warming, huh.

So despite the record heat, I do indeed have Bronchitis. Yay, antibiotics!

Conversation with the little one today, over what to wear to see Santa:

Her: "What about the green dress with the white, and it's velcro."


Me: "Do you mean velvet?"

Her: "Oh yes, I mean velvet green dress."

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm sick, so it must be Christmas

Yes, you heard it here folks! Wendy is sick! It wouldn't be Christmas without it.

I'm sure my parents will shake their heads when they read this post. This tradition began when I was 16, Christmas of 1989.

Christmas Day, I wasn't eating anything, I was feeling sick. They had already dragged me to the ER twice that week. I told my mom, "I don't feel well, I think I need to see a doctor."

They reluctantly took me to the ER- FOR THE THIRD TIME- and on Christmas DAY!- to discover I had Mono. And I was completely dehydrated. I spent 5 days in the hospital, next to a car accident victim who had been in there for months- she had been hit by a car on the Los Angeles freeway. I remember being scared of her.

Between Christmas and New Year's of 1999/2000- I got sick on a family vacation to Disneyworld (and my family wonders why I no longer will travel at Christmastime) and ended up at some honkytonk little Urgent Care, and watched some guy threaten to sue the clinic for not letting him see a doctor ahead of the other patients. Woo, that was a fun vacation.

So here I am, losing my voice. I think it might be Bronchitis. I have been feverish all week but with no fever. So I am posting deliriously, despite my better judgement.

Blog of the day:

Monday, December 19, 2005

First day of Winter Break

We survived through a busy weekend of Nutcrackers shows. The kidlet is home resting today, we baked chocolate chip cookies to help keep her occupied. I am sure she is bored, I am trying to get work done, and she is used to my entertaining her at every second! Ah well, work has got to get done around here!

I will post more when I have something more interesting to say.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Tonight is opening night

Rachel begins her weekend-long engagement of the Nutcracker Ballet. The kids have all been working so hard, I am so proud of all of them! They began rehearsals back at the end of September.

Also, Rachel earned a big award at school today, so we've had a double dose of being proud of the little one.

I'm even getting started on my holiday cards... a whole week before Christmas and Hanukkah! I wish I had gotten a Chrismakah card so I wouldn't have to keep track of who gets what card. We celebrate both in our house, and I don't k now why that is so difficult for people to get. I think we'll start celebrating every holiday out there and really confuse the neighbors.

More from the Nutcracker Ballet Posted by Picasa

Rachel's rehearsal for the Nutcracker Ballet Posted by Picasa

The Apprentici

You heard it last night, Randal said, "This is not Apprentici, it's the Apprentice. Only one."

And I tell you there are plenty of folks hopping mad at Randal right now. I really think Trump was going for a more fantastic finale, he was trying to find a cool way to hire both of them. But somehow, in the live chaos, Trump lost control of his cohorts and they cut off the show. And did you notice that Rebecca still maintained her composure, and kept her respect for Randal, while he cut her down?

Randal, randal. I think ye have laid yourself some bad karma, man. I loved, *LOVED* you up until last night. Now you came across as a jerk. I was a million times more impressed by Rebecca during the final task, and even Trump himself said he was disappointed in your performance in the last task. You know Rebecca was just as good an overall candidate as you were. You two worked well, very well, as a team, and as executives on different projects, that would have been some impressive work to see.

If I had been Mr. Trump, I would have hired them both. I still hope he hires Rebecca, because at this point, she is GOLDEN. She is worth more to any organization right now than Randal is worth, and Trump should not let her get away! Today, her phone is ringing off the hook with 7 figure plus deals.

Urgh, can you tell I was disgusted by the ending?

Rebecca, you go, girl!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kids, they be a-tiring-me-out

Entertaining a plethora of children=Early onset of Insanity

Yesterday I chaperoned my daughter's class to the Zoo. This was a fun but very tiring trip- it was just me and 4 kids, all on our own for 3 hours. 3 long hours! Try to rationalize with them why you cannot buy ice cream, when you just told them 5 minutes ago that there would be no buying of anything, even if there was money to be had! Then in 5 more minutes they want a rubber snake! And a dog license ID tag, even though they don't have a dog!

Somewhere in there we got a few minutes in of actually looking at animals. Snakes? "Gross". Monkeys? "Gross". Polar Bears? "Mommy, the polar bear is eating SANTA CLAUS!" said on the brink of tears.


Bless all you teachers out there, every one of you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Some fun stuff today

The husband... what a cutie! Posted by Picasa

I do the chopstick dance. Yummm, maguro! Posted by Picasa

It has turned cold, at least for Southern California. Where a couple of days ago it was 76 (yes, 76! In December!) it was 48 degrees this morning! 48! You could practically see the icicles forming on the natives.

At least it is still sunny, and there is no snow or ice. However, we had a little earthquake the other day, and those are never fun, and I never get used to them.

Today I am trying to get this blog some flair! Here are a couple of photos of my 7-year-old. Posted by Picasa

The flower girl pre-ceremony Posted by Picasa

The 2005 Gingerbread House Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 12, 2005


Hi everyone, this is my very first post... so bear with me as I get this blog up and running. In this blog I will talk about being a wife, a mother, a work-from-home employee, and issues that impact my family, like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and other not-as-depressing issues like how to get my dog to stop chewing up my back yard.

I'm a 32 year old in Southern California, so I guess I'll probably talk about that too!

Comments welcome!